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Land of Erotic Beauty

I am excited to introduce my new book "Land of Erotic Beauty" published by Edition Skylight. Buy "Land of Erotic Beauty" on Amazon.

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How do I do this?

The most frequent question that I hear is "How do you do this? And what technique do you use for achieving such results?"

I answer you. Everything is very simple, but every stage requires using the technique necessary to achieve the best result!

My film style is not a reporting. Within limits of one shot I express what is formed in my brains. The superior quality of b&w photography plays an enormous role in the comprehension of erotic art, but I need freedom of movements as well. Middle format is ideal for this. I adore square and Carl Zeiss lenses, that's why I've chosen Hasselblad 503CW and two lenses Planar 80/2,8 and Sonnar 150/4. The middle format is another psychology and film technology, thus this format is for patient and thoughtful people. I saw a great deal of disappointed people who took a medium-format camera after the one of 35 mm for to improve the quality of photographs. It is totally different photography style. Besides not everyone can stand a couple of kilos in hand and completely manual operation in our modern time. However, not less than 100% of my fine art nudes are made by this camera.

In the most cases I use Planar for shooting, both, for example, in studio and outdoors. It is a perfect lens system showing space as a delicate wide-angle lens. But if I want to focus attention on the body like, for example, here or shift and compress space lines, and move the background closer like, for example, here, I use Sonnar.

I never use any filters in my studio, but outside, of course, I often put a red filter on lens to darken the sky and emphasize clouds making photo look more dramatic.

Sometimes if I want to make close-up shot of some body details like on this photo I use an additional lens with Planar.


Many people don't believe that I use only one light source during shooting in my studio, but it is really true! For most of my fine art b&w erotic nudes shot in my studio and in an interior I used only one soft-box 1m x 1m. I fix it high above the center like here, or at an angle of 30-70 degrees to a girl like on this photo. Providing that I need to add more brilliance and contrast to the body I put soft-box at an angle of 90 degrees very close to a model, like it shown on this photo, or use it even as edge light source, like on picture here. Certainly I use silver reflector from the opposite side and sometimes, I use white or silver below and in front of a model. The walls of my studio are painted full dark-blue color that outlines my photographs by the edge and exhibits good contrast. And I love it!

Oh, I was near to forget! During this film session I used spot grid to illuminate ice from the back side. Without it the ice resembled dirty snow of yesteryear!

I really love industrial nudes, but it is not enough to use one light source for shooting in steel-casting department or on electric power station, the natural is very poor in such places. For shooting of these industrial nudes I used many flash types: soft-box as the main light, standard 9-inch reflector - as an edge light, translucent umbrella as fill light, and illumination of back drop and some additional lights as local illumination. Translucent umbrella is very good for background light, because some light passes through it and some light reflects back. The umbrella gives light to both sides! It can be used as an edge light and illumination of back drop at the same time.

Unexceptionally the edge light is more intense than the main one 1/2 - 1 1/2 f-stop, and I put the main light somewhere between f/8-f/16.


Using flash head outdoors gives a magnificent effect. This makes the picture to be unreal, and nude seems to be depicted on the picture.

At the time of digital technologies I continue to use b&w film for shooting of erotic art. Every film is good in its own way. I like AGFA APX 100 and AGFA APX 25 (it is a pity that the last is not produced nowadays) very much. They give naked skin an excellent tonality. Fomapan 100 is a very cheap, but a very good emulsion giving tonality close to AGFA, but with a little bit bigger grains. Fomapan 400 together with red filter make picture very dramatic: almost black sky and white naked skin. Fuji Neopan 400 is also very good outdoors. Its tonality is so vivid!. It is almost impossible to see grains of Fuji Acros 100! I often use Ilford FP4 125 for interior and industrial nudes that give perfect result of intensity separation of the objects tonality.

I process Fomapan by FX-11 developer handmade by my friend; all other films are developed in AGFA RODINAL 1:50.

Do I shoot fine-art-nudes in color? Yes, of course! Especially in beautiful places, where you want to convey the inimitable natural colors. I tried many films for nature shooting, but my choice is Fuji Provia 100F. This film is really great! But I am sure that black and white are the only colors necessary for fine-art nude and erotic photography. Every observer will look at the photo and paint it by his own colors according to his mood... It is very laconic!

Unfortunately, I can not be satisfied with the quality of direct chemical printing with an enlarger which is at my access nowadays. That's why I use Nikon 8000ED scanner on the last stage of film-to-paper delivery. Look, the quality of scans (8900Ñ…8900px) is really excellent! I control the whole scan process, however I want to emphasize that I don't apply for computer processing, but I only remove dust and scratches.

As a background in my studio I use a simple cloth painted in washing machine like on this photo, or roughcast wall like here.

During one session I usually take 1-5 films. This amount depends on many factors: objectives, mutual understanding with a model, mood, and development of new ideas during shooting process, and tiredness at last...

Why don't I film with digital camera? It's easier to take digital pictures, isn't it? Yes, but I like b&w film, and I will use traditional technology later on. However, I make some advertising shootings which do not require ultra-high quality, with Nikon D-70. I even shoot cars and bikes.

Here are all my secrets. In conclusion I want to add that all the abovementioned process takes a long time. I work hard on every photograph during several hours. But the result worth it!

Appreciate the excellent quality of photos, and buy fine art b&w erotic nudes by Igor Amelkovich. Only paper prints give you all the energy of a living body.

Or you can also become a registered user and find more comments relating to my photo sessions.